Oct 25, 2015

What Is Caisson Inspection ?

Caisson Inspection

What is Caisson First?
  • Protective carbon steel vertical pipes on offshore platforms
  • Protect internal components including pumps, risers and discharge systems
  • 1” wall thickness
  • 15” to 60” diameter
  • 20m – 90m in length
  • Up to 50 tonnes in weight
  • 3 types of caissons:
Ø  Pump
Ø  Dump
Ø  Carrier
Caisson Challenges
1. Caisson failures carry high risk of:
  • Dropped objects
  • Increased financial costs
  • Legal penalties
  • Environmental damage
  • Safety incidents
  • Platform shutdown
2. Difficult to get accurate and reliable inspection data at critical areas:
  • Topsides (above water)
  • Splash zone
  • Subsea (below water)
3. Many interfaces involved for projects:
  • Numerous client departments
  • Sub-contractors
Innovative Solution for Caisson Inspection

  • INTERNALLY deployed inspection tools
  • Three phased inspection
  • Visual camera inspection
  • Caisson cleaning using HPWJ *
  • Ultrasonic measurements of caisson wall
  • Topsides and subsea inspections in one go
  • Fully comprehensive data


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