Sep 6, 2013

What is Pipe Freezing?

Pipe freezing products can save Installers a lot of time and effort when carrying out everyday installations and routine maintenance work. Having the confidence to freeze pipes is something that comes with time and a bit of hands-on experience.

When we can use Pipe freezing
When you require a blockage in your pipe, where a valve or other blocking device does not exist, Pipe freezing can be one of the best solutions. Also known as Line Freezing, Freeze Stops, and Freeze Plugging, Pipe Freezes are a non-intrusive method of developing temporary piping isolation. Pipe Freeze Plugs require no special welding or setup costs often associated with Line Stop Fittings. Internal piping fluid develops solid, dependable and workable freeze plugs.

Advantages of Pipe Freeze Isolation

Piping modifications performed without complete building or system drain downs
Save time & money. Avoid replacing costly chemically treated fluids
Avoid the possible disposal of waste water or toxic fluids
Pipe Freezes are a non-intrusive method of developing temporary piping isolations
Internal piping fluid develops solid, safe and workable freeze plugs

Types of Pipe

Steel pipe is the type most frequently plugged using this process. All types of metal pipes are easily Pipe Freezes. Almost all of the plastic pipes can also be serviced with Pipe Freezes, after taking a few special precautions. Even concrete, asbestos-cement and composite pipes can be worked.  

Pipe Freeze Plugging can be performed on a many types of pipes, including:

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Transite, Cast & Ductile Iron, Aluminum, Coated & Lined Pipe, Copper, Lead, Titanium, Vertical, Horizontal, Inclined, Out of Round
Fluids that can be Frozen
Water, Waste Water, Sewage, Chill Water, Slurries, Brine Solutions, Fuel Oils, Glycol Solutions, Hydrocarbons and Oils


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