Sep 6, 2013

What Is a LIXI Profiler System?

The Profiler utilizes a Gadolinium-153 (a relatively low energy and low activity source), engineered detection technology and proprietary software to provide with unique tool for pipe inspection.
The Lixi Profiler is a rapid scanning tool for insulated and non-insulated piping systems, supported by a computer to display the density of the piping in terms of material thickness.
There is no need to costly removal and replacement of insulation, no need to clean and prepare the pipe surface.
There is no need to wait for film results, the results are produced in real time so the results are immediate.
No need to rope off the work area for radiation safety.
The profiler can be used on the entire pipe, not just in spot area, faster, more completely,


Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
Internal Corrosion
External Corrosion
Weld Line Identification
Pipe blockage
Changes in pipe schedule

With the Lixi Profiler the data can be seen instantly on screen. Pipe inspection can be performed on large lengths of pipe and the statistics will scroll on the monitor. The data scrolls can be monitored as the pipe is being inspected and/or the data can be transferred to another computer so that it can be viewed at a later date.

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