Jul 24, 2013

What is a Spray-type Deaerator?

Here we will talk about Stork Deaerator for better understanding:

The Stork spray-type deaerator has been developed for application in conventional boiler systems, cogeneration plants and nuclear power plants. Based on the principles of deaerators for conventional power plants, we have developed special Stork spray-type deaerators for and connections to Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) installations.

The Stork spray-type deaerator provides a high degree of placing flexibility in the cold end of an HRSG. Using a Stork spray-type deaerator gives the system designer several options for connection to the system and in selecting the most suitable deaerating medium or media.

The Stork spray-type deaerator is especially suitable for this kind of application compared with tray-type deaerators, because of its ability to operate with steam/water mixtures, its greater flexibility with respect to fast load changes, its sliding pressure operation and the wider operating ranges.

Depending on customer preference and/or overall efficiency considerations, the Stork spray-type deaerator can be installed in various ways in the boiler system. The principal difference between the various possibilities is set by the choice of deaerating medium, such as:

•(LP) steam
•Pressurized hot water
•Steam-water mixtures


Typical operating ranges of deaerator
Pressure operating range (bar)Temperature difference (°C) min./max.
0.2 < Po < 0.53 /30
0.5 < Po < 15 /50
Po > 18 / >100

For general information about the Stork spray type Deaerator, please view this video.

Copied from: Stork Technical Services web site

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