Dec 17, 2009

A Scan

A scan is an amplitude modulation scan. It gives the information in the form of one dimensional. it is used to detect the presence of flaws in the materials. A-scan ultrasound biometry, commonly referred to as an A-scan

A data presentation method by which intelligence signals from a signal object located are displayed. As generally applied to pulse echo ultrasonics, the horizontal and vertical sweeps are proportional to time or distance and amplitude or magnitude respectively. Thus the location and magnitude of acoustical interface are indicated as to depth below the transducer.

The most basic presentation of ultrasonic waveform data is in the form of an A-scan, or waveform display, in which echo amplitude and transit time are plotted on a simple grid with the vertical axis representing amplitude and the horizontal axis representing time. The example below shows a version with a rectified waveform; unrectified RF displays are also used. The red bar on the screen is a gate that selects a portion of the wave train for analysis, typically measurement of echo amplitude and/or depth.

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