Aug 23, 2009


The Small Area For Exposure Radiography allows a number of units to be operated simultaneously in a small area to give very high production rates that can easily keep pace with production. There are no size or configuration limits. SafeRad Radiography systems are consistently helping our clients to meet their production targets and maintain schedules, without any exclusion zones.

The SafeRad Radiography System eliminates the need to evacuate personnel.
GammaBlok is the trademark of our patented radiation attenuation high density plastic.
Selenium-75 radioactive isotopes are used in the SafeRad Radiography Exposure container to give high quality radiographs.
Saferad Ltd also design and manufacture equipment and materials for pipeline radiography safety.

Unlike other companies we don't dilute our efforts on other forms of non-destructive testing equipment. Our equipment is designed by specialists to meet the most demanding requirements of safety and productivity to deliver to you the very best radiography system in the world.

SafeRad Ltd are committed to a programme of continual development to ensure that you have the latest innovative equipment available.

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