Feb 1, 2009


INCOTEST(an acronym for INsulated COmponent TEST) formerly known as ARCO-TEMP, is a unique corrosion survey method that allows ferrous pipes and vessels to be surveyed through thermal insulation under the following demanding circumstances: without disturbing the insulation or coating

when insulation is aluminium, stainless steel or low alloy steel clad
while plant is in operation
when pipes are hot: up to 500°C (930°F) or cold: down to -100°C (-150°F)
when insulation is wet
when object surface is rough or encrusted
when insulation is irregular or heterogeneous
when insulation is wire mesh reinforced.
robust, electrically safe but not intrinsically safe
operates over a wide range of climatic conditions
can work up to 8 hours on one battery pack
transducer can be up to 30 metres from the base unit
provides a computed thickness reading within seconds
high reproducibility + or - 0.1mm, hence very suitable for recurrent measurements
measures through any non-conductive and non-magnetic material, eg insulation (with metal skirt either aluminium, stainless steel or low alloy galvanised steel) concrete, fire retarder, up to 100mm thickness and up to 150mm when wall thickness is below 12.7mm
detects and measures average general corrosion or erosion over interrogated area (footprint), depending on insulation thickness
provides instant site report in measuring matrix format.
INCOTEST monitors the decay of an eddy current pulse within the steel wall. It computes the average thickness of the metal by comparing the transient time ("echo") of certain signal features with similar calibration tests.
The resulting measurement is influenced by a number of factors including variations in metallurgy (magnetic and electrical properties) and temperature. The survey takes 2 to 40 seconds dependent on thickness. The computed wall thickness (can be logged) and validation signal is displayed on the screen, and raw data is stored for later retrieval.

Typical applications
detection of CUI (corrosion under insulation)
detection of FAC (flow accelerated corrosion)
riser pipe wall thickness gauging without removal of marine growth, neoprene or Monel
a proven potential method for non-contact "dry" wall thickness measurements of dirty, coated, rough and/or high temperature objects.


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